This is So Peaceful…

is what I repeated, over and over again, as Jen and I cuddled up in our silky double sleeping bag in our tent.

TentI choose this tent as one of my birthday gifts for my 24th birthday (which I celebrated on July 28th, yay!) and it’s so roomy. Jen ordered us an air mattress, and a sleeping bag each (royal blue with gold inside, swoon) this month and when they arrived, we set up our baby and pumped up the air mattress and zipped the sleeping bags together.

Up went our little lantern lights.

Out came the cooler.

Opened were our journals.

I worked on my watercolors, Jen read her book, I wrote in my grimoire, we both wrote in our personal journals; we talked of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (a passion of ours), and how peaceful the night was. I lit Vampire Blood incense. We slept a little, woke up, ate a small snack and relaxed while the sprinklers came on, making a pitter-patter against the tent walls. So peaceful.